Operating out of the City of London and with associated offices in Bristol and Dublin, we provide specialist legal and claims management services to the insurance, construction and professional services industries. We also provide other consultancy and software development services connected to the insurance industry in conjunction with our sister company Caysure Digital Limited

We have deliberately bucked the trend of merger in the legal profession over the last 10 years: our goal is not to become a full service firm, as we do not profess to be all things to all people; on the contrary, we have deliberately honed our specialist skills through organic growth, whilst fiercely guarding our independence. As a result you will not find us declining your work because of commercial conflicts with competing interests in the lending, development or other corporate sectors and no claim is too large or too small for us to take on.

We believe that the quality of legal service is governed by the specialist ability of the team instructed. At Caytons, our senior lawyers have decades years of experience in their specialist fields and an established history of success when dealing with far larger practices, precisely because of their expertise.

Moreover, we understand our clients’ industries, their day-to-day business and the more strategic challenges that they face. By way of example, our understanding of our clients’ needs has been the driver in the development of the digital services that we offer with our sister-company, Caysure: we understand the increasing burden that is placed on our insurance clients in having to deal with regulatory and compliance issues and the growing need for comprehensive MI. To this end, we have developed Console, a single Insurance Platform which supports both the claims , underwriting and compliance functions. Having automated the production of Solvency II and compliance reports, this saves valuable man hours in dealing with this responsibility. Console also provides customised MI, root cause analysis and SLA & KPI reports at the touch of a button. This is indicative of our overall outcome-focused approach to problems.

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