You may be concerned with developments relating to COVID – 19 and how this may affect the handling of the matter(s) in which we are acting as your solicitors. Please be assured we are absolutely committed both to the safety of our staff and ensuring our clients’ interests are fully protected during this difficult time.

First, all staff at Caytons are able to work from home by logging in remotely to all of the firms IT systems including emails and the document management system. Documents for each matter are stored electronically. The office phones can be diverted to mobiles. We also have a sister IT company (Caytons Cyber) who can resolve any IT issues that may arise.

We have been making use of this capability with our legal and claims teams working from home. Even with a complete office lockdown we are able to service new instructions and ongoing claims.

Despite this, there could be unprecedented impacts of a prolonged shutdown which we are also considering. For instance, the Courts are likely to encourage or impose a stay on many cases so that timetables will be changed. Other procedures involving meetings with opponents and alternative dispute resolution are also likely to be affected and we will update clients on developments as they occur.

Clients can assist by exchanging documents with us electronically wherever possible.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact the partner responsible for the matter, who would be glad to give you further assistance.