Chenika Kunzmann


+44 (0)20 3948 7655


About Chenika Kunzmann

Chenika graduated with her LLB from the University of Bristol where she was also awarded the Bristol PLUS award. During her law degree, Chenika volunteered as a Student Advisor at the University of Bristol Law Clinic, and she was given the opportunity to act as the student Vice Director in her final year. Chenika was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Achievement by the University of Bristol Law Clinic.

Chenika has successfully completed her first Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam and will now continue on to the final exam. Chenika’s role is to provide support for the legal team at Caytons in the defence of professional negligence claims against various professionals. Chenika also advises on appointments, building contracts and collateral warranties on behalf of a wide range of professionals and others engaged in the construction industry.