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One of our core strengths is our legal experience in the field of professional indemnity insurance disputes.

Our legal team bring decades of experience to the firm and have defended claims against most professionals, including contractors, solicitors, barristers, insurance brokers, managing agents, accountants, architects, surveyors, engineers, financial advisers, environmental agents and auditors.

Our clients come to us as they know that we will provide an early assessment of whether the dispute should be settled or not. If settlement is the best possible outcome then will seek to settle the matter as soon as we can within the financial parameters given to us. Whether settlement is the most desirable option or not, we will provide you with our reserve recommendations as soon as possible. Things do change, but our reserve recommendations will try to avoid any future surprises as the matter progresses so as to give you as much certainty as possible.

Not all claims should be settled and we are not afraid to advise you when there is a case to fight and any case where the claimant is being unreasonable or there is a matter of principle or precedent at stake.

For further information please contact one of the following key people within the team.


Senior Partner

DD: +44 (0)20 7398 7628

John has extensive litigation experience with particular expertise in handling professional indemnity disputes. He started his career managing claims for the London market. He therefore understands the market's requirements. He was one of the first to use mediation to resolve a dispute long before it became fashionable.

John also has considerable experience drafting professional indemnity policies. He has advised most of the London professional indemnity market on some aspect of their policy wordings. His experience in drafting policies gives him an invaluable insight when differences arise on the interpretation of a policy provision. He has used this insight to obtain successful outcomes for his clients on many occasions. John is qualified as a solicitor in England and Ireland.


Managing Partner

DD: +44 (0)20 7398 7606

John is a solicitor with over thirty five years' experience of insurance and other commercial litigation, in both private practice and in-house. John has extensive experience in professional negligence liability claims including those against construction professionals, solicitors, barristers, insurance brokers, managing agents, accountants and surveyors. He also has expertise in disputes relating to professional indemnity insurance policies and in regulatory and disciplinary matters.

John's career includes being a Practice Manager for a leading professional indemnity underwriting agency. In that role he managed claims handling and litigation under delegated authorities, drafted policy wordings and dealt with compliance issues. John qualified as a fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives in 1990, a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute in 1999 and is a solicitor in the Republic of Ireland.

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